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Danika Garza is a senior Digital Marketing major and Visual Communication Design Minor at St. Mary’s University. Her innate capacity for creation and problem-solving has steered her toward the advertising and communications field, where she aspires to challenge herself and peers to design, assess, and grow.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Garza has a passion for giving back to the community she has called home for so long. She has served at many different nonprofit organizations, including Meal On Wheels, Vamos Ya!, Catholic Charities, SA Food Bank, and the Children’s Shelter.

Having consistently held a spot on the Dean’s List since her admission to university, she is a hard worker who balances her full-time studies with two year-round jobs to gain the skills and knowledge for a successful career in the field of advertising.

Garza currently works in the Office of Community Engagement as a student intern at St. Mary’s, where her main focus involves creating marketing materials and managing social media activity for events hosted by the office. She also spends her time at a local nature-based art school, Walden Pond, as an assistant teacher and Birthday Party Coordinator.

After graduating (Spring of 2022), Garza plans to gain professional experience in the field before pursuing a master’s degree in Advertising or Digital Media Design.


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Jack of all trades, student of many

The infamous saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none” has always posed a negative connotation to those who dawn the title. While attempting to take on too many roles can be inhibiting to the mastery of any one role, I see another side to it. Picking up different interests and roles as a continuous…

Telling Tales Series: “Changes”

A storyline series on the song “Changes” by David Bowie The series of images compiled for the final project of my Photography I course recreates the storyline of the 1971 song “Changes” by David Bowie, a timeless anthem representing the struggles of one’s identity as an ever changing member of society. Bowie speaks on the…

Learning Curve: Podcast / Radio News Package

Writing, recording, and producing a podcast news package for this project has given me the opportunity to practice my announcing voice. I learned that there is much more technique to recording audio such as this. Each topic read requires a certain emotion, speed, and resonance to accurately deliver information. It was something that proved to…